Mission Statement

Our mission is to be Southeast Asia's most preferred marine support service provider who:

- Provides a safe working environment and adopt safe practices onboard our vessels in line with the applicable health, quality, safety and environmental standards.

- Protects and safeguard the marine environment by adopting anti-pollution control measures to minimize
oil discharge, garbage disposal, and exhaust emission onboard our vessels.

- Is competitive

- Is customer-focus

- Is committed to constantly upgrade the skills of the shore and shipboard employees to realize their full
potential and maximize their contributions to the company.

Our Community

The core values of the company are:

NMS is proactive in understanding our customers' businesses and needs; and will do our utmost to fulfill their needs.

Safety Conscious:
NMS places strong emphasis on adopting safe working practices and providing safe working environment onboard our vessels as we understand that safety is one of our customers' top priorities.

Environment Conscious:
NMS strongly believes in protecting the environment and minimizing the pollution to the environment in which we operate in. All our vessels comply with the International Maritime Organization's latest regulations for anti-pollution with regards to oily-water discharge, garbage disposal and exhaust emission. Health Conscious: NMS strongly believes that a productive environment means having healthy stuff. Healthy staff is essential to the work productivity onboard the vessel as well as in the office. NMS shall identify health hazard that may be detrimental to the productivity of the workers.

Because We CARE- NMS

In the News

PT. Newport Marine Services is proud to have participated in PT. Wintermar's JFS 5k and Family Fun Run held on the 8th of May 2011.

JFS is dedicated to several charities such as:
- Educational support for the whole duration of the
student's education.

- Medical treatment for children with cancer.

- Orphans and children in shelters, food, clothing,
health care, and schooling.

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